GNR Heating and Air Conditioning Inc.

AC Conversion

More and more people are making the switch.  With equipment efficiencies, people are finding that it doesn't cost that much more to be comfortable.

When we convert a home from evaporative cooling to refrigerated air conditioning there are a few things we strive to acheive.

1. The system is going to work.  
        If we don't think it will work, we won't do it.

2. The system looks like it is supposed to be there.
        Your home is a huge investment, and we don't want to do anything that 
        looks like it should not be there.

3. We strive for quality, at a fair price.  
        Quality equipment.
        Quality materials.
        Quality workmanship. 
        Quality service.

4. We stand behind what we install.

We treat your home as if it were ours. 
Call us today to schedule a free estimate. 

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